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Established state form: Republic

Type of government: Parliamentary democracy   Lomnicky stit

Formation date: January 1, 1993

EU member since: May 1, 2004

Currency: EUR (since 2009)

VAT: 19%

Area: 49,035 km2

Geographical location: The Slovak Republic lies in central Europe. The most important river is the Danube, which connects the capital Bratislava with two European metropolises - Vienna and Budapest.

Borders: Hungary (679 km), Poland (597.5 km), Czech Republic (265 km), Austria (127.2 km), Ukraine (98 km)

Nationalities: Slovak (85.6%), Hungarian (10.8%), Romany (1.8%), Czech (1.2%), Ukrainian (0.3%), German (0.1%), Polish (0.1%), other (0.2%)

Religion: Roman Catholic (60.3%), Greek Catholic (3.4%), Evangelic (6.2%), Orthodox (0.6%),
non-denominational (9.7%), no data (18.2%)

Population: about 5,379,450 (2001 census) Bratislava

Official language: Slovak

Capital: Bratislava (historically Pozsony and Pressburg)

Climate: Bratislava lies in the north temperate zone and has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. It is often windy with a marked variation between hot summers and cold, humid winters. The city is in one of the warmest and driest parts of Slovakia. Recently, the transitions from winter to summer and summer to winter have been rapid, with short autumn and spring periods. Snow occurs less frequently than previously.

Time zone: Central European time (GMT +1 hour), daylight savings beginning on the last Sunday in March and ending on the last Sunday in October - GMT+2.

Telephone country code: +421 and the area code of the given city/region (e.g. Bratislava 02)

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Emergency Medical Care in Bratislava:
Clinic to Ružinov, Ružinovska Street 10, Bratislava, phone: +421 2 4823 4113
Clinic to Kramáre, Limbova Street 5, Bratislava, phone: +421 2 5954 1111

Non-Stop Chemists in Bratislava:
Ružinovska Street 12
Račianske mýto 1/A
Strečnianska 13

Stores: Most stores are opened Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 18:00, and on saturday from 08:00 to 12:00. Large department stores ans shopping centres have longer opening hours incl. Sundays.

Safety in Bratislava:
Emergency number 112: Despite the fact that Bratislava has a reputation for being a safe city, it may happen that you need help during your visit.

Passports & Visa

A valid passport is required to enter the Slovak Republic. It must be valid for the period of stay in the SR, and for 2 months after the end of a visa if a visa is required for Slovak Republic entry. Visas can be obtained from the Slovak Republic embassy accredited for the given country.
The Slovak Republic is member of the European Union. EU citizens have the right to free movement in other EU countries and the right to stay in another EU country for a 6 month-period if they posses of a valid identity card or a passport.

Accesss to Slovakia is controlled by European Union Schengen rules.
In case of doubt, please consult Embassy/Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in your country prior to your arrival to Slovakia.
For more information visit the Web Page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

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