Instructions for Oral Presentations
  • The official languages is English. No translation will be provided during the sessions.
  • Each presenter will have 20 minutes for his/her lecture and 5 minutes for a discussion. There will be discussion immediately after the lectures; a common discussion can take place when all papers scheduled for the session have been presented. All presenters are thus requested to remain for the entire session.
  • All speakers of all morning sessions should upload their presentations on a computer in the session room 30 minutes before starting the first morning session All speakers of all afternoon sessions should upload their presentations on a computer in the session room 30 minutes before starting the first afternoon session. All presenters must meet in the lecture room at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. Please use a USB memory stick to provide the presentation(s).
  • Cryogenics 2012 will not allow the use of speakers' own laptops for presentations.
  • Cryogenics 2012 will accept presentation material in MS PowerPoint format. Please ensure before your session that your slides will show correctly on a PC if you have prepared them on Macintosh, Linux or Unix computers.
  • No overhead projectors will be available.
  • When it is time for your lecture, go to the podium immediately when the previous speaker has finished the presentation and answered questions. The session chairs will introduce your lecture and ask you to start your presentation.
  • Please start your presentation considering the following:
  • 1. Start immediately on the topic and avoid another introduction given by yourself.
  • 2. Pace your talk to end at the scheduled ending time.
  • 3. Obey your chairman's instructions.
  • Cryogenics 2012 will enforce a "non-commercialism" policy. No presentations containing commercialism will be allowed at Cryogenics 2012.
  • All speakers are requested to check in early and receive their badges and other essential conference materials.
    The badge is required for all the Cryogenics 2012 activities.
  • During the time for discussion, listen carefully to the questions from the audience and answer them briefly. If you cannot answer the questions briefly, ask for a private discussion after the session.
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