SciGlass is the world's largest glass properties database and predictive models repository. Drawing on more than 50 years of research by Prof. Mazurin and his colleagues in St. Petersburgh, Russia, it provides a unique resource for novel glass research and development. SciGlass contains close to 400,000 unique glass compositions and several million data points for measured properties (like Tg, chemical durability, hardness, etc.). Property data is extracted and hand-curated from digitized tables and graphs published in scientific papers, as well as theses and patents. In addition, SciGlass includes large number of computational models that estimate properties of previously unknown compositions, as well as index for majority of published glass compositions using predicted properties. Scientists can add their own data to reference data points, and prepare publication-ready graphics (such as scatter and ternary plots).

Recently released web-based version provides access to the essential functionality of the SciGlass database, such as queries for glass compositions, author and patent indexes, and SciGlass Calculator to predict various glass properties. New this year is the Pro package that incorporates batch calculation and enhanced patent search.

Download your free evaluation copy today from to learn more about SciGlass capabilities. Also, try the Green Glass Chemistry Challenge design novel glass composition with desired properties that has lowest energy requirements and does not use toxic elements such as bismuth and thallium.back to top

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