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Prices given in EUR are only approximate, we use the exchange rate 1 € = 25 CZK for this purpose. The current exchange rates are available at All conference prices are given in CZK.





 Location, distance


 Prices / night





Zlatá Štika***

city centre, walk (10 min)
+ public transport (5 min)

 1 400 CZK
(56 €) 

 1 600 CZK
  (≈64 €) 


city centre, walk (15-20 min)
or public transport (5 min)

 1 400 CZK
  (56 €)   

 1 500 CZK
(60 €) 

Harmony Club**

close to the conference
site, walk (10 min)

 1 040 CZK
  (42 €) 

 1 250 CZK
  (50 €) 

City Penzion***

city centre, walk (10 min)
+ public transport (5 min)

 1 100 CZK
(44 €) 

 1 400 CZK
  (56 €) 

Staré Časy***

city centre, walk (5 min)
+ public transport (10 min)

 1 050 CZK
  (42 €) 

 1 350 CZK
(54 €) 

Student Hostel

close to the conference
site, walk (5 min)

 380 CZK
(15 €)

 760 CZK
(30 €)

Reserve your accommodation by filling in a registration form.

Do not pay for your reservation before you receive a confirmation from the conference secretariat (ICARIS Ltd., The confirmation will be issued within 1-4 working days after you register.

The capacities at all hotels are limited; therefore we recommend ordering the accommodation as soon as possible. Reservations will be processed on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

In case we are not able to fulfil your order (due to overbooking of the hotel requested), we will offer you accommodation in another hotel of the same price category.

All costs associated with accommodation reserved through the conference secretariat must be paid to the conference secretariat, NOT to the hotel. You will only pay for your "extras" directly at the hotel (parking, phone calls, drinks, bar consumption, etc.).

Advance payment at the time of registration is required to complete the reservation.

Cancellation conditions

Please inform the conference secretariat (ICARIS Ltd., about any changes or cancellations in writing by e-mail. Changes requested by telephone will not be accepted. The date on which your written cancellation is received will be considered as the date of cancellation.

Please do not contact the hotel directly for any reservation changes or cancellations.



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