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12th Cryogenics 2012

12th Cryogenics 2012 IIR/IIF

IIR International Conference

The twelfth conference CRYOGENICS 2012 The Technology of Low Temperatures) continues in the series of conferences held every two years.

The conference will deal with problems of the equipment and technologies where temperatures below 120 K (-153C) are achieved, as well as with other devices and technologies related to the topic.

Cryogenics 2012 is a joint Conference of IIR Commissions
A1 (Cryophysics, cryoengineering),

A2 (Liquefaction and separation of gases) and

C1 (Cryobiology, cryomedicine)

On behalf of the Organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome you to Dresden for the 12th Cryogenics, the IIR International Conference.


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