Guidelines for authors

How to write a contribution for the confernce proceedings

Because the editing work will be made by our own means, the manuscripts, and thus all the proceedings will be edited in word processor MS Word XP. The articles, written in older versions of MS Word are also acceptable. This allows us to prepare the whole text in the shortest time.

The conference proceedings will be published only on a CD.

Some basic instructions

Prepare the whole article in one file!!
The editors are not equipped for extensive scanning or overtyping. Use the style „Normal" with „Times New Roman" font, size 12, single-line spacing, with no indents and paragraphs spaces before or after. Use only styles and formatting from these GUIDELINES (template).
Use paper size „A4", all the margins set to 2,5 cm. For the article title use the font size 16. Do not use any header and footer (no page numbers).
When writing into tables or generally any text in columns that should be aligned, do not use tabs, but use a table created in Word instead.
All the inserted objects (Excel graphs, pictures, etc.) should be placed directly into text (may be centred). Placing into a simple table is possible as well. Do not use positioning over text.
If the author draws schemes directly into the Word article, then the whole object should be merged.
Do not use any header and footer (no page numbers).
If possible, avoid using complicated structures of lists, with different kinds of bullets and numbering. The editors will prefer the following marking:
1. numbering
a) alphabet listing
• bullets
- hyphen-bullets

Reduce inserted pictures and photos so that size of the whole document is available as for sending by e-mail as for editing.

  • Dead-line: March 31, 2009 at the latest (as an attachement of your e-mail)
  • Name of file: nameofirstauthor.doc
  • Contact: Romana Kočová -
  • The extent of your contribution: max. 10 pages of A4 format

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