• Drainage of urbanized areas, storm water management 
  • Mechanical, biological and chemical processes for wastewater treatment, nutrient removal 
  • Control of activated sludge quality and separation properties, population dynamics, activated sludge separation by membranes and in secondary clarifiers 
  • Legislation for wastewater treatment and discharge, sensitive areas, combined approach for point and diffuse pollution sources
  • Industrial wastewater treatment, processes, equipment 
  • Real-time measurement, process control, mathematical models 
  • Economics, environment impact of wastewater treatment 
  • Aquatic analytical chemistry 
  • Application of equipment and processes used in water treatment for wastewater treatment and polishing 
  • Impact of treated wastewater discharge on the use of river water for drinking water supply, water reuse

A special session on "Water supply and wastewater treatment in brewing industry" will be held during the conference.


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